Dog Walking Coquitlam

Pawzercise! Dog Walking Services is a unique service that provides better health and peace of mind for dogs and their owners alike. We provide a fun-filled two hour mountain hike.  All walks are off leash and are in the company of other dogs, promoting healthy dog interaction. Convenient pick-up and drop-off services are included.

Dog walkingIs your dog showing signs of boredom - chewing on furniture, getting into the garbage, misbehaving? By nature, dogs need lots of exercise to stay fit, healthy and happy. Just like humans, dogs have social and emotional needs. Nothing in a dogs collective history has prepared him/her for isolation, boredom and purposelessness. Dogs are genetically designed to be active during the daytime hours.

Many dog owners are forced to leave their dog alone during the day while they are away at work. Others, for physical reasons, simply are not able to keep up with their dog's needs. Pawzercise! DogDog walking Walking Services can make sure your dog has a great life, even if you don't have time to take him/her to the park everyday. We really care about your dog, making sure they get enough exercise to reduce stress and behavior problems.

We'll pick your dog up, take them for a full two hours of socializing, romping and swimming with other dogs and deliver your happy dog back home. Pet first aid certificates are maintained by our handlers. 

We go hiking rain or shine!

No matter what the weather, we are out there making sure your dog gets the exercise he or she needs.
The dogs love to romp through the trails and creek beds.  If it is a wet day, we will ensure that your dog is dried off before being let back into your house.
On hot sunny days, we ensure your dogs are well hydrated and cooling down in those creek beds!
We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our hikes.  The health and safety of your dog while in our care is paramount!