Dog Walker Maple Ridge

Dog Walker Susanne Wilson has learned first hand how important it is for dogs to get plenty of exercise and socialization. She has found that dogs who are able to socialize with other dogs have a much friendlier disposition than those that have been isolated. She knows without a doubt, that healthy dogs are happy dogs.
The obvious benefits her four-footed clients enjoy are better health and reduced boredom. As a result, they tend to create less trouble for their owners. The relationship between the dogs and their owners improves and everyone benefits. Pawzercise! operates in the areas of Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows, Port Coquitlam, Coquitlam and Port Moody.

A little History
Since Susanne and her own dog Eddie shared the love of long walks in nature it was an easy decision for her to create Pawzercise! Dog Walking Services.

Susanne began compiling her research before she began classes in the Self Employment Program. She knew she was ready for this major change in her life. It was time to take control. She diligently learned everything the program had to offer, and put all of it to good use. She graduated on February 3, 1999 and her business began to build, in spite of several financial setbacks, including an operation that her dog Eddie needed because of a birth defect known as hip dysplasia. A few short months after her business began, Susanne was able to buy out an established dog walking company. Today, her business is a full-time venture showing signs of rapid expansion.

Susanne had experienced many fields of employment as few people would manage in one lifetime. After finishing her schooling. Susanne went through many different types of odd jobs. Eventually she turned to landscaping and attended the Landscape and Horticultural program at Capilano College. Unfortunately, she found that landscaping wasn't meeting her needs. After two years she was lured to a wage of $30 an hour sweeping floors during the graveyard shift at a grain elevator. This experience nearly broke her.

The stress of working such odd hours in less than ideal working conditions caused her to change her life. She realized that making a high wage meant nothing if you don't enjoy life. During this time, a puppy named Eddie came into her life. She realized he needed more exercise than she was able to give him while she was at work. It was then she found there wasn't a dog walker in her area that could help her.

When she left the grain elevator, she toyed with the idea of opening a children's day care. However by chance, she met someone who promised to hire her to help with his dog walking business in Vancouver. When the promises didn't materialize,Pawzercise! Susanne knew what she wanted to do.  Pawzercise! Dog Walking Services became a reality.